Overseas Scholarships for PhD in Selected Phase-III

 Overseas Scholarships


Overseas Scholarships
The advanced education Commission (HEC) was laid out in 2002 for the development and advancement of advanced education areas in Pakistan. The mission of the Advanced Education Commission (HEC) is “to work with organizations of advanced education to act as the motor of development for the financial improvement of Pakistan”. Starting from the origin of HEC, the primary goal was to work on the nature of educating and research in organizations through profoundly qualified personnel.
To address the issue of Public Human Asset interest according to Pakistan’s vision of 2025. HEC organized a Public Human Asset Improvement Meeting on October 13, 2015, at the Advanced Education Commission. Around 150 scholastics, researchers, analysts, financial specialists, and experts from across Pakistan partook. All out 11 Center Gatherings addressing the scholarly community, industry, and Research and development were framed in the accompanying regions: Sociologies, New Advanced education Patterns, Actual Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Designing and Innovation, Business Schooling, Improvement Review, Financial matters, Organic Sciences, Expressions and Humanities and Horticultural Examinations to recognize the particular fields and areas of exploration which are decisively significant for the improvement of Pakistan in coming 10 years keeping in view the China Pakistan Monetary Passage too.
HEC has been putting a significant financial plan in the human asset improvement to foster Ph.D. staff for Colleges since its origin yet because of expansion in the DAIs and understudy populace in the advanced education area, in the general level of Ph.D. Versus Non-PhD personnel continues as before. By and by, availability, quality, distributions, Research and development exercises, and positioning of the colleges expanded at public and worldwide levels. To work on the level of PhD Versus Non-PhD staff, persistent advancement subsidizing/new plans are required

The following results are normal through this program

1800 Ph.D. Researchers will be prepared in the decisively significant fields of information that are recognized by the Center Gatherings of the scholarly world, industry, and Research and development workforce in the accompanying manner:

  • These capable understudies will finish their Ph.D. from first-class colleges of the world and will serve Pakistan to improve the nature of education and research in foundations.

  • Linkages at institutional, scholarly world, and individuals to individual levels will be laid out and additionally fortified.

  • Grants for PhD will be granted in two classes I) Connected and ii) Un-joined spaces based on data put together by the candidates at the hour of accommodation of utilizations.


To make a minimum amount of profoundly qualified Technologists, and Researchers Labor supply in cutting edge fields

  • To develop the limit of Colleges, Exploration and Advancement Associations, and Businesses in Pakistan through expansion of PhDs in need fields.

  • Extensive scholarly movement is supposed to be created through this plan as gatherings of researchers, technologists and social researcher would be participated in distributing their exploration work. It is normal that great number of papers/studies could be delivered yearly. The plan would give our framework a force to an out-put and efficiency. Significant associations and colleges would be expanding their Research and development by engrossing particular prepared labor supply. Various new Research and development Undertakings having financial returns can accordingly be sent off.

  • The ongoing plan would enhance HEC endeavors for arrangement of satisfactory number of prepared PhD labor, to help innovation updating, foster exclusive requirements of Science and Innovation, Humanities and Business schooling/preparing in Pakistan and to meet the difficult necessities of Pakistan’s economy.

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